Most popular email providers 2021

More people than ever are working from home and this has caused a high demand for online services, one of them being email hosting.

Both individuals and businesses that are now running from home offices, for example, restaurants that have turned to food delivery, need to keep in touch with their customers and email correspondence will be booming in 2021.

A plethora of email hosting companies offers their services at more or less affordable prices and somewhat different features included, which is why we put together the top 5 list along with an in-depth review to help you make an informed choice.

The Top 5 Email Providers in 2021

We have compiled a ranking list for those that can fulfill our rigorous requirements and believe you will be satisfied with them too:

  1. Irist Hosting
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. SiteGround
  4. GreenGeeks
  5. Istanco Hosting

Before we discuss each of them individually, let’s take a look at which important factors you need to consider regarding email hosting.

How to find the best email hosting provider?

When talking about email hosting we need to take a look at a number of important parameters and how they define the overall service you will be provided with.

Doing so, having your needs in mind, will enable you to discern the one that is the best email provider for you.

Most popular email providers
We can expect that 2021 is another year we will be working from home, and receive a lot of email correspondence. Most popular email providers

Email server uptime (reliability factor)

The most important email hosting factor is server uptime, as you want to be able to access your emails at any time, 24/7, all year, and every day no matter what.

A reliable and trustworthy email service provider should be able to offer 99.99% uptime while we would note that any unforeseen event can be alleviated with a backup copy.

The reliability and uptime for such a service can be checked with different online services, such as UptimeRobot, that keep track of their stats.

Email hosting speed factor

Most businesses conduct their daily email correspondence during the peak online traffic times, meaning that your emails must knock elbows with other online traffic to go through from your email server to the customer’s email address server.

What this leads us to is the server speed, or rather the Internet link and storage speed of your email hosting provider.

A worthy email hosting will be able to provide you with an email service that is optimized to take full advantage of your internet connection and send emails the second they land on their servers.

This must be true even for the budget-oriented email hosting provider because business email correspondence that is not being delivered on time can lead to profit loss.

We can relate some personal experiences on this subject later.

Email provider customer service

Admittedly, once you set up an email service correctly, it can operate without any issues for a very long time, but there are always exceptions and then you will want to contact customer support.

No matter how big or small the issue is, a professional support service can be of great importance in such cases.

Support experts must be able to help you with getting back your email functionality, as well as having a recent backup copy of your emails.

Overall speed of your email hosting storage is directly tied to how quickly your emails go to their destination.

Types of email hosting services

The way it works is fundamentally the same for different types of email hosting service, but there are some key differences that make service better tailored to a specific use case.

We can divide them into a small number of types:

  • Individual email hosting service
  • Business email hosting service
  • Enterprise email hosting service

Looking at their given names I am sure that you have an idea why we have to differentiate them.

Individual email hosting is tailored for personal use, usually with a very affordable price and most likely a limited storage capacity though it should be more than enough for personal email correspondence.

Business email hosting service is a more discerning choice for professionals that work with multiple email addresses, usually small to medium-sized companies and as such it provides more storage and features.

Enterprise email hosting service is the amplest choice for large companies that handle hundreds of email addresses, virtually scalable or unlimited data storage, and premium server speed, though the pricing for such service is more costly as expected.

At this point, we have gone through the most important elements and can follow through with our recommendations and in-depth information.

Irist Hosting email service

One of the smaller but renown web and email hosting services is Irist Hosting with data-centers in Europe, US East Coast, and Asia-Pacific making them a viable option for email hosting globally.

The Irist Hosting Email Hosting key features we want to point out are:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Very affordable

You may note that this is a somewhat smaller hosting company but that can actually be a good thing.

Because it is a smaller provider that is not integrated into a larger platform your email does not have to knock elbows with hundreds of thousands of other email accounts, and will work seamlessly and effortlessly once set up.

Frankly speaking, this is our number one choice for any individual, small, and medium business email correspondence.

A2 Hosting email hosting

A company well-known for their advertising of “fast” and “turbo” online services, A2 Hosting is truly such, though keep in mind that such email hosting plans come with a premium price tag too.

The A2 Hosting Email service key features we want to point out are:

  • 99.99% uptime
  • SSD storage with Turbo plans
  • Appealing discounts prices for the first purchase

If you are an individual or a company that receives very large files with emails, for example, a video editing professional, and you need fast email delivery while the somewhat higher pricing is not an issue then this is your best choice.

Bear in mind that the “Performance Plus” feature, which is a guarantee for maintained speed during high traffic hours, is not included with every email hosting plan and it may add another premium cost.

BlueHost email hosting

One of the long-running companies in the hosting industry, BlueHost provides significant email hosting services with a large number of websites.

The BlueHost Email service key features we want to point out are:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Microsoft 365 applications
  • Outlook Web Access

Thing is, people are creatures of habit, and once a habit sets in it is hard to let go. Many of us use Microsoft products because we are accustomed to them and find using the same products from other companies very uncomfortable.

Because of this many companies have chosen BlueHost Email services as their go-to email provider.

We would like to note that user experience reports somewhat of a decline in service quality since BlueHost has been integrated into EIG multi-brand platform, though again it may not be a game-breaking issue for many.

GreenGeeks email hosting

I dare say that GreenGeeks is one of my favorites as their services make them the champions of environmentally conscious email providers. You may have not heard this, but they invest 300% of their service power consumption back, with renewable energy.

The GreenGeeks Email hosting key features we want to point out are:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Very eco friendly

What exactly is the unlimited email accounts feature? Well, with GreenGeeks you can have an unlimited number of custom (personalized) emails on your domain.

Additionally, we would like to note that GreeGeeks provides advanced features such as forwarded aliases that can be securely accessed with IMAP and POP3.

Istanco Email hosting

Last but not least, the Istanco Email Hosting is a no-frills choice which we must provide in our list due to their long-standing online service and high user satisfaction level.

The Istanco Email hosting key features we want to point out are:

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Inbuilt Virus Protection
  • Mobile and tablet access support

As said previously, Istanco enjoys a high satisfaction level with their user base meaning they provide a straightforward service, once they set up the email for users they will use it for a very long time.

I need to emphasize that Istanco Business Email pricing is straight with no hidden fees, and at the current price, it is less expensive than a coffee cup at a restaurant, making them one of the most affordable email hosting providers on the market.


The good news is that email hosting services now come in all shapes and sizes, with different price ranges and you are bound to find the email provider that fits your wallet.

We want to suggest that you never judge the book by its cover – do not go for the email hosting that has the flashiest ad on the Internet.

Instead, take a bit of time to research relevant reviews and come to the best conclusion. I am sure our tips and personal experience will help you in this endeavor throughout 2021.

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