How to Find the Best Web Hosting – A Guide

There is no dyeing that websites achieve astronomical success because of the high-quality content they provide to their target audience. Still, before you publish a website you should put an effort into researching and acquiring an adequate web hosting solution for your online project, so that your success will not suffer later.

No matter what kind of website project you are aiming to produce, a personal website or a commercial business website, your website will need an appropriate hosting service to be able to achieve that.

We would like to help your website become a true success, which is the reason why we offer our insights in the first place.

How to choose a web hosting service?

While the individual websites serve a different purpose, so are their needs essentially different and the choice of an appropriate hosting service provider may differ when compared to a large business (commercial) website with thousands of products, articles, images and media.

This is why we must talk about choosing a web hosting provider from two different perspectives which essentially have the same goal – to have your website be seen by the largest number of people.

Individual (personal) or  business website recommendations

An individual (personal) or small business website which serves the purpose of an online presentation of a small number of services or products that you provide will certainly have a lot less demand on the web hosting resources. As such, this online project can be satisfied with a less expensive hosting service.

On the other hand, a business website with hundreds of images, media and products will require larger online storage space, more bandwidth and overall a faster service guarantee to keep this data going steadily from your site to your visitors even in the peak hours.

What this means is that you should not go cheap with the hosting plan for your business website, as you expect that the site will help you make profit.

Knowing all this, we can proceed further and go over certain basic but very important web hosting factors that will help you choose a suitable hosting for your site.

Get to know the important web hosting factors

Now, let’s take a look over the important web hosting factors, what is their meaning and what you should be aiming for.

Average uptime: One thing that is sure today is that most renown web hosting companies will provide your site with an average uptime of 99.9%, while no single provider can guarantee an exact 100% uptime as there are always possibilities of natural disaster.

Speed: Since 2019 it is an important factor to have a fast website, as Google and other search engines will penalize websites that load pages slower than 4 seconds. Knowing that you should aim for a fast hosting.

Support: Ideally, your website should be running smooth, and if you are versatile with website development and management it may be the case that you never ever need to worry about contacting the support. Still, it is always better to have means of contacting web hosting support in case you have any issue with the website.

Bandwidth: Now this one may be a tricky item. Companies who have faith in their server integrity, load balancing and internet links usually can provide “unlimited” bandwidth but this is not always the case. Some web hosting companies will limit their hosting plans to a certain number of visitors, while others limit data bandwidth. What this means is that with such hosting plans you should be able to predict your monthly visitors count in advance, or your website may become unavailable due to lack of “resources”.

Storage: A small personal website may not require much in terms of storage space, while a company website may need more, but an online shop with hundreds of products will definitely demand a considerable amount of storage space.

Site transfer: The site transfer is not the absolute most important thing, but it is good to know if you can get your site transferred by the web hosting company and it is even better if it is a free service.

Money-back policy: Lastly, a web hosting company that is confident with how they operate and provide their web hosting services will offer a money-back guarantee.


The tips about important web hosting factors mentioned above are only the introduction to the information and insight trove we want to provide you, while you should definitely go and check our Top 10 Web Hosting list as well as individual service reviews.

After all is said and done, if you take our advice into consideration, I am sure you will make the right choice.